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I draw a lot of weird stuff!
Mostly OCs, Hetalia, Attack on Titan/SnK, Adventure Time, random fanart, and douchebags atm.
Sometimes I reblog friends' art of my OCs, too!

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I have like three different styles what is this
> primary style (obsolete)
> secondary style
> tertiary style
> sketchy doodles

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Part of that usual DenFin/magazine AU I keep drawing where Tino’s a rockstar and Mathias is a bartender. They first met at Mathias’ bar, actually, but that’s another story.

Arthur frequents the bar really often, as do Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert, when they’re not busy!

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#denfin  #aph finland  #aph denmark  #aph england  #bartender  #bar  #label-free bottles and uneven barstools h-haha  #aph  #hetalia  #secondary style  #or more of a mix of my primary and secondary styles  #this was pretty fun!  #sketchy 
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